Anova WIFI First Use, Parts Falling Off?


My Anova arrived today, tried to use it to cook some salmon but there was no water flow, these bits fell out when removing the plastic end cap:

Can I screw it back in or is it broken?

That’s pretty messed up that the screw was loose for the impeller blades. Yep, I’d just screw it back on (careful to not bend the impeller shaft when you do so).
Maybe @HunterC can find out if they use loc-tite in production or not (if so, you could either add it or get a replacement unit).

I suppose you could, assuming the threads aren’t stripped out. You’ll find that out when you try. Not sure if they use a thread locker compound or not.

The tines face upward, towards the head of the unit.

Hey @madlan, so sorry about that, that is definitely not normal, I will follow up on that question @fischersd asked, to see if that helps.

Also if you feel you want a new unit, if you try to screw it back in and it doesn’t work, contact and we can get you set up with a new unit.

I’ve screwed it back in, looks ok - I’ll test it this evening.

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Okay let me know how it goes!