Anova1 turning off

We just purchased a used Wolf range model R486G to replace our old POJ Viking. Now whenever we ignite a burned it reboots to Anova. It acts like it lost power, which it has not, I'm an electrical contractor so I'm certain;). I get the red screen which gives the OS version then the start screen.
So either the ignitors or the ignitor module on the range is sending out a strong enough electrical pulse to effect the unit or the unit is not shielded enough. I am inclined to blame the range - but has anyone else had this issue?

Other than this I love my Anova! 

Never had that issue.

Do you have the Anova and the Wolf plugged into the same receptacle pair?  I wonder if the Wolf isn’t causing a surge/brown out situation when it’s firing its solenoids for the burners.  You could put a volt meter in that plug and test it and see for yourself.

If the Wolf is actually generating a small electromagnetic pulse, sufficient to interrupt electronics then I really doubt that was by design and you may need to run some troubleshooting to see where in the range this anomaly has been created.  Maybe the prior owners replaced something and didn’t put some shielding back into the unit  when they did so.  

Oh (and should have opened with this) - congrats on that range!  I looked up the specs - that’s pretty damn awesome!!! :slight_smile:  

^- jealous! :slight_smile: