Anyone use an Aquarium water circulator to help your Anova?

Has anyone experimented with an aquarium water circulator to increase water flow in the hot water bath?

My thought was I could increase the lifespan of my Anova Pro by making it work a lot less. It might be helpful in keeping water temperatures consistent in the 50 liters and up catagory.

I’ve only used Poly Science professional classic series (at work) with 100 liter water baths. This is my first home unit. :slight_smile:

The Anova Pro is a unit designed for heavy duty, professional use. I think it unlikely that it would need circulation assistance.

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Your idea was used at the dawn of SV cooking when a lot of it was stove-top.

If properly maintained your Pro will likely out live you. It doesn’t take much circulation to maintain heat once achieved.


Mine did the same thing today.
Was doing a 5 hour steak cook and it went off 2 hours into the cook saying the meal was done.
Went out to look at the Anova and it was still showing 3 hours to go.
Definitely something wrong with the App.

I agree. 10,000 hours of SV time VS 10,000 hours of riding my WW2 Russian sidecar motorcycle…I better leave my Anova in my will! :wink:

Just for your information, the aquarium pump does generate heat. Not much, but it does add it to the bath. I moved a shark to a commercial aquarium years ago in a cooler with a circulation pump running to oxygenate the water. It was quite warm after 2 hours. The nurse shark did make it though.