App 1.1.0 Update - Internet Required?

From the most recent email:

A new update just went live for the Anova Oven App. This app update is the first step in our transition to a new cloud infrastructure — with a mandatory Oven firmware update soon to follow.

So now will we to need to have an active internet connection to use our oven via the app? I have no issue with a cloud enhanced experience, but if it’s mandatory that’s not OK. Particularly since the firmware update is “mandatory” so we won’t have the option of using it as is.

Don’t like that without context! (who would) ?

If it is nothing bad then explain, rather than “this” because no proper information is misinformation which doesn’t endear you to anyone.
What is this a fix for? has it been properly tested? …are people going to be happy with the results not ruining food? IE not screwing up anywhere near as badly as many reports of faulty ovens have on this board.

Logic says you have a sounding board here that you really ought utilise better…
For instance, announce software / firmware changes here on the oven forum under “announcements” …be clear with content.
At the bottom of the page you say along the lines of "Product problem? "we will get you some help with best in class customer support! "

Did you make that badge yourselves (ie marketing hyperbole / B.S) or does it have substance year on year based on actual merit? …if not don’t bandy mere words around so lightly.

Listing an update without placing it here to cut off any possibilities of panicked herd doing a cliff dive is always a sensible first move…

So why didn’t you (I’d like that answered by an actual Anova employee presence please) …show us that quality of service @ANOVA

Amen. It took me 4 weeks and 3 days to get my oven replaced. This is Anova’s idea of “best in class customer support”? I can’t think of a company’s whose customer service has been worse.

I can, but that’s beside the point.
These guys are good at wanging out under warranty replacements however they don’t watch these forum boards, nor have any technical specialists to diagnose, offer short cut fixes, etc.

Updates of their own site here is deplorable, it has been set adrift… that really stinks as to charging high prices, throwing away accessory aftersales, general back up etc.

Having borne witness to the god-awful software non resolution since day one (ie the sous vide wand) left hanging with no contact, nor resolution other than “buy another phone” & little advice as to what would work with certainty, no possibility of a simple kindle connected app regardless of it being the android version they needed, the shonky build on the oven, …i’d only consider having had the original batch of closely copied already out there design production run got past the initial release run, the non software heavy precision vacuum sealer (£349 in the uk) …the ANOVADAD discount code still up there for 20% discount not working, …typifies how lazy anova management are regarding their attitude to design, performance, brand perception et al… well another lost sale @Anova at £279 I would have bitten.