App crashes after iOS 12.1.3 Update

After the IOS 12.1.3 update on my iphone7 the Anova app tries to start, I see the blue starting screen, and than it cashes.

Just found an update in the App Store. Noe Login works. Still have issues that the stick does not take the time and temperature of the selected recipes.

Having the same issue. I have an IPhone 6S, and the app crashes. The temperature carries over to the sous vide device, but the time doesn’t. My app was set for a 2 hour cook, and the device has been at temperature for a while showing that it still has 2 hours left to cook.

My app still crashes, so I’m going to delete and reinstall (again) in the hopes that it fixes itself. Let me know if you had to do anything else.

This is exactly why I stay away from software controlled appliances as much a possible. Any OS upgrade can break the app. If the manufacturer does not upgrade the app, I’m hosed. (And not upgrading my phone is simply not an option for a long list of reasons.)

Think it through: once a manufacturer has sold me a device, what motivation is there for the manufacturer to keep supporting software for a model that they have already sold, especially if that model is no longer current? Maintaining software is expensive.

Do you have a fridge with a built-in web browser? If so, good luck browsing the web with it. (Try browsing with a browser from ten years ago and see how well that works.) Even if you are lucky, and you can still browse some sites, chances are that your fridge will try to attack your internal network in short order, because older browsers are choc-a-bloc full of security holes.

The internet of things is mostly a bad idea. It’s just that people haven’t woken up to that yet.

Thanks for sharing your opinion. I agree to your concerns. However IoT will be part of our future. Therefore business models which ensures lifetime functionality need to be developed.
In principle I would prefer a device which I can run isolated in my home network without a necessary connection to the internet. If necessary I could connect to the device from outside via VPN. In this case I have only to ensure security for my
Unfortunately this is currently not possible with this device. Would be great if Anova also provides a module for which could run isolated in my network.

Personally the fact that the Anova can be operated without using the app via on unit controls was a big factor in my choosing the Anova. WiFi and/or Bluetooth are options not necessities, and that’s exactly how I want it. And in the world of software there’s no guarantee of lifetime functionality (unfortunately). There’s just too much that changes over time with computers.

Hey guys we aware of the reports of the iOS app crashing. We’ve just released a new version of the app (2.9.5) which should fix the crashes you were experiencing. Please download the most updated version of the app and let me if it’s working okay on your end.

As mentioned In the Second Post I update the App and Login works without crash. However, I still have issues that the stick does not take the time and temperature of the selected recipes.