App / Timer Function

When the App or SDK is released will it be possible for me to prep my food and place it into an ice bath in the morning and set the Anova to start several hours later so the food will be cooked by the time I come home from work? All without needing to leave my phone or computer on nearby to continually communicate with the Anova?

Anova does have “program mode”, where you can set up to six time/temperature steps (which are saved in the device, so no need for phone/computer nearby. This is screenshot of my Anova Remote app:

However, keep in mind that all the recipes call for preheated water bath, calculating time which food would stay in temperature danger zone is not trivial, and all this stuff. I am working on comprehensive app which would take these factors into account, but even with the app there will be some guesswork involved (e.g.: how long your ice bath stays depends on proportion of ice and water, geometry and insulation of your vessel & the room temperature). My preferred way would be to have a phone (or. likely, tablet) sitting next to Anova and monitoring all the factors. Don’t expect this comprehensive app in next few weeks (or even months), but some of these features would be available in Anova Remote rather soon (the current Beta has calculation of time to heat, for example).

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@vtemkin, thanks I did know if the program mode but from what I saw in the bluetooth documentation in another post the lowest valid temperature was 5C. I was hoping for something like

0C 300min (essentially off with food sitting in an ice bath)
50C 300min

With the last 300min being well in excess of the safe cooking time for the food to take into account the time needed to heat the water.

@_G_‌ I’ll check tomorrow what is Anova’s behavior in program mode with ice bath. Haven’t done much experimentation with program mode in general yet.

@vtemkin, many thanks.

@vtemkin, did you ever get a chance to test the program mode with an ice bath?

@G Please go to to read up the discussion on program mode. Essentially yes, you can program Anova to run without heat for a specified time. The control is even more precise - so you can program linear increase of temperature or heating ASAP.