App will not login to account, repeatedly requests email verification

I could not set up an account through the app as the verification email nver turned up (20+ attempts over an hour or so) I went to the website and set up an account, all good, or so I thought. When I try to login to my account through the app (to set up wifi) I get the same message that my email is yet to be confirmed and I can mot proceed.
What is going on Anova???

Have you checked your Junk mail folder for the verification emails?

Yes, as stated I was able to set an account up through the website. However I can not login to the account throught the app. I try to login to my existing account through the app and it keeps telling me I need to confirm my email address (this is for an account that is active, has already had the email address verified, and can be accessed via your website). Is this a fault in the app related to ios on my iphone 6s? This is very frustrating.

Try contacting Support. Perhaps they can solve this for you.

I have tried support, so far they have been no help and have told me to check my spam folder??
The account is active and accessible through the website, it is just the app that will not work, it will not recognise that the account I am trying to sign into is already email address verified, and even if I agree to send another verification email from the app, no email ever arrives, meaning I can not use the wifi feature which is the sole reason I purchased the thing in the first place. Grrr…

Then I’d try setting up another account from the app and see what happens from there.