App with correct resolution for iPad

Hi, I think you should work on an iPad specific app or universal so it looks good on both devices. The current iPhone only app looks horrible on the iPad having to use the magnification method


Heh. I’ll do you one better. If you try to manage your wifi PC with two different iOS devices with the latest version of the app, you can’t do it. It seems it can only be paired with one device. If you nuke the app, then reconnect to it from scratch, the other iOS device is kicked out and can’t connect to the PC.

(reporting it as a bug) :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback, I will pass it on to the developer team :slight_smile:

Assuming you’re talking about the wifi PC, it looks like a “secret” is given to the app during the wifi “pairing” process. with no easy way to find this secret, or add it to the second app, you’re out of luck. you also need the “cooker_id”.

If the app allowed you to see the cooker_id and secret, and also allowed you to input it into a second, third app (QR code would make it easy too), it would allow telemetry and control from all apps concurrently.

Yep, they could actually simplify this just by doing a check to see if the PC already had a connection to the cloud.
If we tell people that want to use multiple devices to make sure that they have the first device setup live in the app, then it could be as simple as doing a check that they’re both on the same wifi network - then, yes, you can be fairly safe that both iOS devices are trusted. (could further add another authentication step - approval from the primary device, that’s already paired).

And yes, I too read the topic about the skill that was authored for the Echo. Just a matter of time I guess. Anova will need to ensure their cloud has been sufficiently hardened now that the information on conversing with it has been exposed to the open source community.

Edit: Ah, you’re actually the fellow that authored that! :slight_smile: Welcome to the community!

thanks for the welcome!

the most elegant way i think would be to have all paired cookers registered against an online account. simply log in with the app, recieve everything needed to communicate with all your cookers.

Maybe, though most people implement weak passwords, so it would be prone to getting hacked.

I like the idea of the already paired device authorizing the second one - it’s more secure as you know it already has physical access to the device (ownership).

In the realm of IoT devices, we either do something like that or we create deeper hooks into things like Apple ID’s with two factor authentication to eliminate unauthorized devices from being added.


You can’t save people from themselves, unfortunately.

I think the first idea, of having a pre-authed device sharing the info with a second device is substantially simpler to implement over the devices being associated with an account. The second idea allows more flexibility, but you’re quite right that it could allow people with crap passwords to come a cropper.

After (non-exhaustively) reading up on Alexa skills and what you can/can’t do, it seems most likely the only way to get APC and Alexa playing nicely for the average user, account linking is going to be required, or possibly implementation as an “alexa smart home skill”, which could conceivably not require it (though likely will).

Yes please, think to update your apps to benefits of the iPad resolution.