Apple Butter Pork

We tried the Apple Butter Pork this past weekend (from the Anova Recipes section). I forgot the Rosemary and it still came out great. The apple butter coating gives it a taste similar to a honey baked ham. Yum! I cooked at 142F (our preference for pork). The only thing I would change is searing in a little butter or oil (in addition to the apple butter). I will definitely be cooking this again. :slight_smile:


Nice! Do you have any photos of the results? Why would add regular butter or oil in addition to the apple butter?

No, I didn’t take pictures. It looked similar to the pic on the recipe page. I think Erica seared on a grill (from the grill marks). I seared in a pan, and got a more blackened finish where the apple butter charred/carmelized.
Next time, I will coat the pork with apple butter to cook in the APC/SV, and use real butter for searing same way I sear other meats (or a combination of butter/apple butter). Apple butter isn’t really butter (it’s a “butter-like” spread), and doesn’t work like butter for searing.

Woops, just realized my response was weird. Got it, makes sense! I’ve never used apple butter before, but will definitely look into this!