Automatically Turn off Unit after timer has expired

Does anyone know how to turn off the unit automatically after the timer has expired?

Hi ya @POMAD

I do not believe that it is possible automatically. For me, when the timer runs out, indicating that my cook time is completed, then I remove the piece and tap the Desired Temperature icon and then the Advance icon to shut off the heater and circulator. Off requires pulling the plug.

The inability may be related to food safety, it being better to hold the piece at cooking temperature rather than allow it to cool into the 40┬║F - 140┬║F danger zone.


Good question.

There is no way, it is not supposed to turn off, the timer is to inform you that the time is up.
As Douglas wrote, it is related to food safety.

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There is no power switch on these devices you literally cannot shut them off.

Pushing the |> button will stop the circulator and heater. To completely shut down just unplug.