Bacon Infused Bourbon

While waiting on the Anova to arrive I became quite excited to try the Bacon Infused Bourbon recipe on the App. As far as I know I followed the directions to the letter. However, after all the processes were complete, I found myself disappointed with results. The concoction was way too salty. My son suggested uncured bacon, has anyone tried this recipe?. I did use some cheap bacon from Wal-Mart, but I really don’t think this would’ve made a difference, the bourbon was Wild Turkey Rare Breed.

Uncured bacon isn’t bacon. It might be worth trying to source some better bacon. Or even try using Kaiserfleisch or Speck to try instead.

I’ve been meaning to get some vodka to do with bacon, but I’m lucky enough to make my own bacon.

in the US there is a bit of a deceptive labeling on certain cured meats. “Uncured**” is being slapped on anything where they use celery extract rather than powdered sodium nitrite for curing. They have a disclaimer on there about it, but still the misconception continues.

Why on earth don’t they just call it Nitrate Free? Confusing enough that you guys call a leg of pork a ham no matter what state it’s in, cured, uncured, raw or whatever. That sort of mislabelling just makes things worse.

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It’s not nitrate free, not in the slightest. Celery is high in nitrate, which is converted to nitrite, which is the same thing as the curing salts.

Actually got me curious on it and apparently its not entirely their fault. Seems that there are some regulations causing this misnomer. In order to be labeled cured, it requires the addition of nitrites. In order to be labeled organic, you can’t use nitrite powder because it’s a chemical, so you have to count on the nitrites in celery instead. This actually prohibits the labeling of the meat as cured, since you didn’t add nitrites per se. Hence, "Uncured ** " where further down the label you can find printed ** = “except those nitrates and nitrites naturally occurring in celery” or some other wording to that effect.

So, what companies have done is capitalize on these conflicting regulations to play on public misconceptions and lack of information.

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Not confusing at all… much.

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Yeah, it’s pretty confusing.

I’m guessing no one else has tried this recipe??

Not yet, sorry. Don’t like bourbon. Planning on trying with vodka some time over the weekend.

I haven’t. @colewagoner have you tried out this recipe before?