Bad policies from ANOVA

Hi everyone
I’m very frustrated with ANOVA, this company dosen’t allow me to buy one sous vide cooking machine, because i’m travelling in North Africa and living in Portugal, i don’t think this is possible, one company from the great USA, San Francisco CA, dosen’t accept that one person make a buy on there site, pay with security of PayPal, provide furder information by e-mail, requesting the delivery address be the one that i live because de bought is made in one other country!!! I don’t understand how this is possible.
Do ANOVA know that we live in a WORLD thats connect, that people may live in one place and make every kind of bought worl wide…
This is not correct!

Have you considered phoning them? It’s usually much easier to discuss special circumstances, like yours, with a representative. We basically just fellow end users here and have no impact on company policy.

Thks, this message was just to share with all of you the meaningless policies of the company, we live in one different world.
I know that thsi just a community, nevertheless, i think this is a good forum to share this kind of information.
thks for the time spent in answering me.

I’m afraid that some people strongly believe the earth is flat. They just think you’ll fall off and damage their beloved Anova, then have dragons sear your meat. Can’t you see they really care for you? :scream:

unbelievable, this is very frustrating

Ricardo, it is believable when reviewing the number of posts to this Community from users that purchased their Anova while traveling and when they got home discovered it wasn’t compatable with their electrical service.