Below 10C, display doesn't register any integer numbers

I filled up my bath from the tap today, just to try to identify what was causing my rattling issue. Below 10c, the display would just read 0.X degrees, and wouldn’t show the whole number preceding the decimal point. Pretty inconsequential software bug as I doubt anyone will be using it at those temperatures, but deserves reporting anyway so that it can be fixed for future firmware.

@mspeleoto‌ thank you for pointing this out. We’ll look into it.

@mspeleoto‌ , @Michael‌ Just verified this behavior. The bluetooth temperature readings are correct, while the device display shows the correct decimal part with an integer part 0.

@vtemkin‌ alright. Let’s take a look at this on our end. You will be able to calibrate the unit with the app (being submitted within the week), otherwise we can calibrate in house and send it back out to you. Here is the form for submitting a return. Let me know what your preference is.