Black Garlic

Black Garlic

170° F

144 hrs.


  1. At least 6 bulbs of garlic (whole)
  2. Heavy duty ziptop bag or Stasher bag


  1. Place garlic in bag and weigh down so it doesn’t float
  2. Cook for 144 hrs. (Approx. 6 days)

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Thanks for sharing! Black garlic seems like it’s becoming a super popular thing. I am a HUGE fan of garlic (I add it to just about every savory dish), but I have been a little bit hesitant to try black garlic because I like garlic the way it is. I do have a feeling I’ll end up experimenting and try it out myself.

What does this thread mean? You cooked garlic for six days at a high temp? For what?

For use in a lot of things. Cooking the garlic like this makes it a little sweeter, more mellow, and more floral. It can be used in Asian food (think Korean) or ground into a paste. I like to use it as a sandwich spread or throw a clove or two in curries.

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I did for 2 weeks at ~140 and it came out pretty good. Do you dry out at all?

Jut a little confused here, so the garlic would actually turned black after 6 days of cooking??