Bluetooth Connection Troubleshooting Docs

Are there troubleshooting docs for the bluetooth model? I can only find support docs for the wifi model.

@turningfish yep, there sure is! This is it:

@turningfish let me if that doc helped!

Not quite what I was after. This doc has very clear steps for connecting but doesn’t seem to have much about what to do if the connection doesn’t work, which is where I ended up. Thanks for posting it though. In the end the connection worked the next day.

Ohhhh, gotcha. Well, I am glad it’s working for you again! If you do run into connection issues again - just let me know!

I need a bluetooth connection trouble shooting guide. Cannot find anything helpful

I also need a useful bluetooth connection trouble shooting guide. My device stopped stopped connected to my phone. The only thing I could find was unplug the Nano and turn bluetooth off and on on my phone. I have done both multiple times with no success. Also, the link above for the guide does not work. Can anyone help?