Bluetooth connection problems with an old Precision Cooker

Hi All, I have been having problems connecting my 800 watt APC (admittedly 5 years old, but still works great otherwise ) to my new phone (Pixel 4a) and to a Samsung Tablet. The tablet connects intermittently/initially even when it’s Bluetooth is not on, which is weird. It eventually kicks off. Any suggestions/advice would very appreciated Thanks, Ron

Hey Ron! We’d be happy to have tech support troubleshoot this for you! Email and we can assist ASAP

That’s about the same time that the Wifi APC came out (which had connectivity for both bluetooth and Wifi) - the initial connection was done over bluetooth, then the wifi settings were transferred from the phone.
On the plus side, more recent versions of Anova’s app have vastly improved how easy the Wifi setup is.
One word of caution - the Wifi APC can ONLY connect to 2.4GHz Wifi networks (not 5GHz) - in order to not confuse their wifi radio, if you have the 5GHz radio enabled with the same SSID, go into your WAP and disable it for the initial setup. (yes, an annoyance, but only required for first time setup).

You definitely want to access your APC over wifi (if it is one of the models with this radio). It allows you to access it remotely - anywhere that you have a data connection (provided the APC is turned on of course - there’s no remote on/off feature).

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