Breakfast eggs ‘hard boiled’

After about a dozen tries I finally am on the right track to breakfast eggs that we can enjoy and serve.

We like runny eggs, and would be satisfied with sucking warm eggs, but guests not so much.

I started with the illustrated eggs in Douglas Baldwin’s ‘Practical Guide’, just a couple at a time. Soon I moved on to J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s favorite eggs, IIRC three minutes at 212ºF, one minute in an ice bath, and then on to SV bath for fortyish minutes; and some variations as I tried my intuition.

I had been resistant to any hint of “hard boiled” eggs, but this AM I used - gonna post this now and edit it after I get the link. Hmm, I see no share function or URL that I can copy from the ANOVA app.

In the ANOVA app, GUIDES, Eggs, Hard-Boiled Egg, Tender white and malleable yolk; 45” @ 150.1ºF could be served by me to guests.

@Pros; I presume that you would crack the eggs into a small bowl and separate the soft-white before plating. What might be done with the still runny soft-white?

I’ll keep messing with the temperature for a bit, but 150.1ºF is close.

Julia Child would dunk her about-to-be-poached eggs in boiling water for a few seconds, then crack the egg into the simmering water; the boiling dunk helps the poached egg keep its shape. In this case, it looks like Kenji is setting the loose whites. Otherwise SV at 150 F will leave them runny. Thanks for this new method, I’ll have to try it.

When I got my first circulator I spent a lot of time on eggs. Unfortunately my notes seem to have been misplaced. One thing I do remember is that variations in egg size matter. I was getting very large eggs from a local farm. They were fresh and tasted great.


I had not considered variations in volume / dimensions, but only because we buy medium eggs, avoiding the premium on larger sizes.

I had considered initial temperature and warm eggs to room temperature overnight.

I was lucky from the farm they were less expensive and 10-20% double yolks. I remember they definitely took longer than guidelines which I think are for large. I also slipped them into a large balloon whisk so they did not crack.

I noticed a YT video of Eggs Brûlée, lightly ‘hard boiled’, halved, with a pinch of salt and a pinch of sugar, then torched.