Brisket ground for hamburger ???

Well this is not actually a Sous Vide direct question… But I know some people have SV’d burgers, so if you have something to say about that, Id consider that too.

But really, the reason I ask, is that around these parts, ground beef has gotten so ridiculously expensive… like $3+ lb, for stuff in packaging I don’t even trust !
I haven’t seen it for a bit, but last year at the Family Market (Wal Mart for food only) I was seeing, and bought a couple) whole beef briskets for $1.49 a lb !!! Dirt cheap right ?

Geez, I SO should have bought a few to grind into burgers ! Probably would have been fantastic… easier to trust… and 1/3 rd the price of ground beef anywhere else. Plus, I ended up trimming, and tossing a lot of the fat, before I SV’d it, and with grinding it, I could have kept / used all of it !
Your thoughts ???

Chris, at that price for any protein you can’t go far wrong.

Depending on the grinder plate size you’re using you will probably have to give the meat two passes through the grinder. I would definitely add fat making sure it’s thoroughly chilled along with your grinder parts. Tossing a few ice cubes into the hopper won’t hurt either.

I do it all the time. 1/8 inch die is the one that i get most preferable results. I usually do about 70/30, great results every time.

Thanks guys :slightly_smiling_face: Just looking for our darn grinding attachment for the Kitchen Aid !

$1.49 a pound? That’s ridiculous. I’m paying around $8+ around here. Please ship me 800 lbs.

I know, right ? These were all a day or two from the sell by date… But it was interesting, because its not like they ever had them in that store at the regular price ? They were bringing them in, with only a day or two left to sell them ? Not sure from where ? Maybe the regular Wal Mart superstore ? These were at the WM Family Market. Hmmm. I did by a couple though, and they were fine. Even there regular price is only like $2.48-$2.98, which is still not bad. Cheaper than ground beef around here.