Burnt internals

I am from the Philippines and made a mistake in getting a 110v wifi/bt unit from Amazon. In the first cook, my daughter mistakenly plugged this to 220v instead of our step down transformer. Smoke was produced so we immediately unplugged it (but the LED was still functioning). Would anyone know here how to properly and safely open up the main black casing without destroying the plastic? The warranty is obviously void now so I want to take this to the electrician for them to attempt to repair the unit. I always get into a dead end with the customer service of Anova… she would always say that they do not know how to open this or reverse engineer (duhhhhhh).

Take the stainless skirt off,  You should see two screws by the skirt threads and then two more if you turn it over and look "down" the length of the impeller shaft - although those might be to hold the motor in place.

There might be more, I'm not sure though.  See what those get you and go from there.  If those don't do it, places to look are under stickers, or under the silver trim bezel at the top.