Can a forum moderator get the "announcements" under control?

Can a forum moderator please remove the announcement status from most or all of the user created posts? It makes it annoying to read this forum with all the user created “announcement” posts pinned at the top and then the normal posts are pushed halfway down the first page below all of the posts marked as announcements. Half of these “announcement” posts haven’t even had a reply in 2 weeks. In my opinion, the average user shouldn’t even have the option to make an announcement. It should be reserved for forum moderators who need to pin a few informational posts to the top of the forum for things like “Shipping FAQ”, “New users guide”, “Sous Vide FAQ”, etc. I know that this forum software does have the ability to disable the announcement function for all users because another sous vide forum I am on uses this same software and I cannot mark things as announcements there. Allowing users to “tag” their posts might be a nice addition though!

I can’t downvote on here, so just leaving my comment that this is pretty inconsequential.