How to turn off email notification

I hate that my inbox is full every few hours of updates from this site. I don’t want to delete my account but 100+ emails per day is ridiculous. How Can I turn off these emails?

That shouldn’t be happening! Is anyone else experiencing this issue in here? I definitely don’t want the site to bombard anyone with irrelevant emails.

Going to recheck the notification settings in here right now. Very sorry about that!

Yes, most definitely. I even tried removing myself from all notifications… and they are still coming. About 50 per day at least.

Yikes! Sorry about that guys. Looked through all of the notification settings site-wide. It should be okay now. But let me know if you’re still seeing irrelevant emails coming in the next few hours. I’ll have to do some more digging if it’s acting wacky.

You might still receive a notification if you’re tagged in a post or you’ve received a message from someone in here. If you want to personalize your notification settings, here’s how to do that:

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Click on “preferences”
  3. Click on “Notifications” on the right-hand side of the page
  4. Set your settings however you like
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Another suggestion, I noticed when I went into Gmail to search and remove all the e-mails from the forum, they’re coming from “”. It’d be better for them to come from “” I almost deleted some actual e-mails from the helpdesk in my purge of the forum notifications.

Yeah, it comes from and is filtered to me, just in case someone needs to reach me directly. But I see your point. I’ll have to see if there’s a way to actually to get email notifications from a different email, rather than support, without affecting things on my end.

Also, email notifications should be fixed site-wide now, since yesterday. If you guys can let me know if it’s okay your end, that would be super helpful for me. If not, I need to dig into this a little more. @chicklet @BBQCzar @mhalbrook

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I am most definitely still receiving the barrage of emails.

I haven’t noticed anything unusual with email notifications in the past few days. Seems to be all working fine for me.


Same for myself. @michihenning

Still trying to figure out why some folks are receiving unwanted emails, and others are not seeing anything funky. I gather it has something to do with personal settings here.

To some of our more active members: @Ember @fischersd @chatnoir @mejakm @DParker @SouthernDad …have you seen an influx of unwanted email notifications from the community site on your end?


I disabled all email notification emails for you. If you ever want to change that, you can make those changes on your profile.

Same for @chicklet @mhalbrook.

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No, I receive the email just for the topics where I’m tagged and that I follow/comment :slight_smile:
So for me it’s working fine since the beginning :wink:

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I’m only getting notification of the threads I’ve responded in, which is much how I would expect it to be.

@BBQCzar, as well as the Notifications area of profile Preferences which allows you to select the threads that will be ‘followed’ and should allow you to select those that you get notification for, have a look under the Email section of it as well. This configures how you receive emails. The 4th option in the first section of this is a check box to “Receive email notifications whenever I am active.” Make sure this box is unchecked. You could also have a look at the area below which selects how often you receive activity notices. This may be set to a 30 minute summary which would generate a lot of email. If you set that to “weekly” or “every two weeks” it will decrease the amount of emails you get from the forum.

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Thank you! @Ember

I’m also getting tons of notifications, although I’m a fairly new user so I don’t know what normal volume looks like. But this thread for example I get email updates for and I don’t think I specifically attempted to subscribe to it.

I’ll have to dig through my settings but I haven’t made any changes since I first made my account.

I’d actually go through the steps that @Ember outlined. That should take care of your personal email notification settings. I’ve adjusted this site-wide, but personal settings will override. Looks like your settings are for all email notifications .:dizzy_face: That explains it. @tuxbobble

Now I’ll just go and figure out if maybe this is something that was somehow automatically set for newer users.

Nothing for me - but I disabled all notifications from the site (figure I check in enough - I’d rather just catch up when I do) :slight_smile:

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I’m still receiving loads of emails for threads I haven’t subscribed to.

Hi Guys,

I to receive tons of emails daily, i’ve disabled all notifications but still receive the same amount of mails as before.

Check your categories settings. I was also still getting nails this morning and found out that I was “watching” just about every category on the forums. I can’t confirm if it fixed everything, yet, but I’m guessing it has something to do with it, and I didn’t see that mentioned above…

I ran a quick search on my email account. I have received 69 emails from the community since joining. It appears to happen only when I am tagged or there is a reply to a thread that I’ve participated in. No problem.