App Feature - Roadmap?


Last time I said anything positive about the new app, I was almost put into a plastic bag and dropped in the water, till I was medium rare! So… I’ll be careful this time!

I’m on the Android beta app, which in my opinion is great! I never had any issues with the app, even while people told me that it was useless, but… Not sure if I’m just lucky or it’s the beta app, but so far it’s really great!

I like the new status-bar in the top of the app. It’s great information. But… How come it’s not possible to get a notification bar when you’re not using the app?

I probably have a lot of questions about features for the new app, and I can see that “you are working on it”. But… Just to “shut up” people like me, so you can focus on developing, it would be nice if you could post some kind of roadmap for the features you’re planning to release in the new app?

Is that possible? Or are we left in the dark till the end of time? :slight_smile:

This is basically a user community and I am a not an Anova employee. I moderate the community but I do not have access to what is planned. Your best bet would be to submit feedback here: