New App

Love the new app (Well its the first time its opened like that on my phone).
Great work thanks

I Love a bit of change:grin:

Love Love Love the ability to add my own recipes.

Absolutely hate that there were no notifications that the pre-heating or cook was complete. We in fact lost the ability several releases ago to shut off the infernal beeping when the cook was complete and it was keeping warm by acknowledging the notification and instead need to stop and restart the Anova without a timer, and the last couple of releases have been very inconsistent sharing alerts with WearOS devices. Notifications are some of the most basic Android functionality. This should not be so hard to get right.

I do like that when I exited the app and unplugged the Anova I didn’t have to kill the app to keep it from continuously notifying me that it had lost connection, but again, that goes back to my point that notifications are so basic to Android that we really should not have to deal with these kinds of issues.

Otherwise, the interface is fine. I care more about function than form, but there is nothing objectionable about it. I sort of miss the visual indicator of how much longer a pre-heat or cook will take, but it is not terribly important to me.

Are you on Android or iPhone? If Android, do you have auto-updates on or off in the Play Store? The release notes were pretty clear and their were pictures of the new interface. With auto-updates off you can choose when to install and could have delayed it until you had time to investigate the new interface. (I have been surprised by too many apps having major changes to leave auto-updates on. I always do update, but I do it on my schedule, not as soon as the app is pushed).

I can certainly see that frustration. At least a heads up in the community if not in the app. They have been saying that a big update with recipe saving was “coming soon” for so long that it has become background noise, but an actual date it was submitted to the app stores would have been nice to see.

I don’t know if we have private messaging on this board and I don’t want to go too far off topic, but if you want some suggestions for good password managers I can help with that. (I do have an iPhone for work, so am familiar, but don’t use it for my Anova because I prefer Android for most things. (not having any connection problems with Android. Didn’t need my password when I upgraded).

I agree with most about this new App. Suddenly appeared. Hard to connect to WIFI, and keeps reconnecting. I guess “Preheating” became “Heating” - confusing but I can get used to it. For me the worst was the recipes. I had saved a bunch of recipes I use (MyRecipes). They are still on the recipes web site, but not available on the APP. This was my main reason for using the app, to be frank. I feel I lost a lot with this “upgrade”. I will leave App Refresh on for a while, hoping these issues get fixed - soon, please!

I can’t find the ice bath notification function anymore.
Where can I find it?

Wish i hadn’t said anything now LOL

Connection over wifi does not work seamlessly, many times get lost reconnecting. It was not the case previously.

Impossible to set subdegree figure if the regional setting for decimal is not a . (In my case it is a , ) keybord only allows digits and , but app does not accept the ,

For those with the same issue, the workaround is to select a xx.5 temp with the wheel, then go to the app, set temp, delete the decimal digit and enter the correct one. Certainly not a decent way to do things.

For me this, with the several lost features, is downgrade compared to previous versions.

And I was asked to volunteer twice to beta test products :wink: but never accepted

I agree, the release of the new app was pretty crappy. However, I can’t even use it any more. Every time I got to the profile to load a cook time, it just crashes. This happens on my new Xr and my old 8+ iphones.

the new app is rubbish - is a joule better? what about their app?

Ouch! Maybe it would have been worth being part of the Beta so that your feedback would be taken into account prior to a release. I’m not sure if that would work with the way Anova developers do their software, but I always listened hard to feedback from Beta testers on software I’ve developed!

That really depends who you ask.

Absolutely agree with you,really convenient app

What happened to the Ice Bath mode for my WiFi model? Tried to set up a ice bath/delayed start cook this morning, but can’t find where this option has disappeared to in the new app! Thanks!

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I still love it switch on, temp in, time in, cook

So last version of the App solved this decimal issue for non US regional setting :+1:
but no longer allows to set wifi connection if your password is too long :tired_face:

They should really have someone doing regression testing after any changes so that these kinds of problems don’t occur. It’s just plain sloppy.

Version 3.1.2 of the iPhone app solves the wifi connection issue for me