Finally a new app

Finally there’s a new app - and yes, there might be some bugs and it might act weird, but I love the new approach compared to the old, but stable, dinosaur of an app.

I hope that Anova will prioritize squashing the bugs - and I hope that people will report the bugs through the app, instead of just complaining in here.

I already reported the first one - and will report more when I find them. But I’m very happy with the new changes, and I’m very happy that Anova FINALLY decided to go with a more modern and clean look in their app. Looking forward to all the bugfixes!

Stable? You are kidding, right?

Or they could have written an app that works before publishing it.

The past 6 months, the app has been quite stable for me - but it definitely looks like a dinosaure! I hated the old app, but it worked, after many attempts!

And just give me 1 piece of software that “just worked” after it was released? :slight_smile: I’ll be waiting …

I think it’s unfair not giving them a chance to fix bugs! The bug I found was something minor, like a label that didn’t show all of the text. Besides that, the app, so far, works perfectly.
The only thing is the missing notification with information about the cook. But, besides that, the app works, connects and everything flawlessly.

Hmmm… The first reports of “the app won’t connect to my Anova at all, after repeated attempts” and “this app is horrible” surfaced within hours of the app being released. The app doesn’t even pass the most basic of smoke tests, but Anova released it anyway.

Sorry, but no cigar. I’m a professional software engineer, and I have no sympathy whatsoever. Incidents like this can be avoided with even the most basic amount of testing.

For the past two years, I’ve watched endless examples of incompetence in Anova’s software. Whoever writes the code for them doesn’t know how to program their way out of a brown paper bag. Sorry, but no sympathy or tolerance from me. This is amateurish beyond description.

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I had the unfortunate chance to try it while we were away. It did not tell me when the water was ready and another time started the countdown as soon as it connected. Please bring back the last software. It was stable, had useful features (countdown till water is ready) and simple to use.

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could not agree more!!!

Hear, hear!

I love my APC and wouldn’t trade it for any other brand but I stopped using the app a long time ago. (And don’t get me started on the timer). I read about the new app and thought I’d try it out. Wow. The time/temp interface is absolutely awful. I still use my circulator regularly and it has never failed me but the app is worthless. I support Anova but feel like they could use the feedback. #anovafoodnerd for life

I thought the old app worked ok and agree, this version should not have been released. I use an Iphone 7 and it takes a reset of the Anova and a reset of the phone to use the remote facilities. Think I will use it manually till a stable version is released. Shame, spoils a great cooker.

I am using an iPhone X and update the os and new app and can’t connect to wi-fi wth?

I reported my issues with the app via Anova support. I got the usual very polite replies and promises that ‘our developers are working hard to fix the issues’. Then support emailed to ask could they close my call and was I satisfied. It’s still not fixed, is still crap and I’m not confident anyone is working on it. I asked for my call to remain open. I’m stalling on buying any more Anova products (Christmas presents for family) until Anova fix it.

Just received the newest precision cooker. Right out of the box, it is a little whiney. The impeller is noisy. We’ll see. Anyway, I downloaded the new phone app and attempted to connect the APC to my network. The app disabled my wifi connection on the phone (Samsung S9+) 3 times before I was able to get it connected correctly.That was strange. I did like that I could select which APC I wanted to connect to the application though. What I wanted to do was have BOTH APCs connected and running together since I am doing a temperature comparison between the two. That was not to be. I have both APCs running and the temperatures are very close. My independent thermometer is a Thermoworks Classic Thermopen. They all are very close.

Same here, symptoms are slightly different though: please cooenct your iPhone to a Wifi network

What a joke, this is beyond understanding, seriously? Teh do not even test their products it seems.

From Anova support yesterday “Sorry, the old app is no longer available. We can always update the app if users have issues with it.Best,
Peter Chua
Anova Culinary”

So I read this to mean that none of their developers are working on it as nobody has any issues with it .
Diabolical! I won’t be buying another. I love the cooker and loved the old app. If this is how useless anova at releasing software updates, I will not be using this company again.