Can this thing alert me if it stops heating?

I just got the Anovos Precision Cooker with WIFI

I need to know if this thing can alert me if it stops heating in middle of the night or if the temperature drops below the set point. I don’t see anything about this in the instructions.

For some reason I cannot get the email confirmation back from Avnova when trying to register the app, and the app won’t activate without it, so I decided to use it without the first time.

I put a nicely marinaded 5 lbs beef roast in at 8PM and let it run over night and when I checked it in the morning, the Anova Precision cooker was still on, but the water was cold and I had to throw the roast into the garbage.

I assume support will get back to me eventually so I can get start using the app, but if I can’t get an alert if it stops cooking I’m considering returning this thing to Amazon.

Nope. It can’t do that.

Also, if the unit was still running and the water was actually cold then the heating element must no longer be working. This is not an “app” issue. Contact support and let them know the full details of what you are experiencing. Good luck.

it’s like the timer ran out or something, its the first time I used it so maybe I did something wrong.

I tried it again and the cooker ran all day yesterday and it seemed to work fine.

A good feature to have would be if the app could alert you when the temperature drops so you can go check it. This seems to be a common problem and I hate wasting good meat.


The unit doesn’t turn off when the timer stops. This is for food safety reasons.

In theory there’s actually no need for the app to alert you when the temperature drops because the heating unit cuts in to raise the bath temperature back up to where it belongs.

I would suggest what has actually happened is that you’ve had a power blip (a micro blackout or a brown out) that has caused loss of power to the unit. Under such circumstances cooking will not resume. Once again, this is for food safety reasons.

Hi @Ember

A power “burp” might turn the unit off, but @FuzzyBuddy said that

@FuzzyBuddy - When you say that the unit was still “on” do you mean that it was still circulating water? If this is the case then you likely have a defective unit. If you had a power “burp” as described by @Ember then the circulater would have been off even though the unit would still have power. I hope what I’m describing is clear! If not please let me know!

Hmmm… So, it continues heating for food safety reasons, and it does not continue heating, also for food safety reasons?

I guess that makes it extra safe then… :slight_smile:

LOL!!! Oh so counter-intuitive - yet actually true! :slight_smile:

Doubly so.