Can you run a temperature profile?

Can you run a profile? Or is there any hack that makes profiles possible?

I want to start with a temperature and then lower it after a while.

My application is (still just) yogurt and there are some benefits to start very hot (like 49°C) for an hour and then lower it to 30°C or so. I heard that is how they do it commercially.

Will do more reading.

Since the BT app can change the temp, are there any hacks for it? Or any opensource alternative?

Anova, how about an opensource BT app?


The yogurt bacteria DIE, at 118 degrees F, so you must NEVER raise the water bath to that temp or higher.
First I scald the milk, at 180 degrees F, for 20 minutes, then I cool it to 110 degrees F before adding the starter culture. 8 1/2 hours later, I have perfect yogurt.

I don’'t cook the milk, I use UHT, which is already heat treated.

I tried the 49°C/120F from above and in fact it’s totally NOT how it’s done commercially. What came out was a rather weak yogurt and that method is off the table. Have to add that after a few days in the fridge the yogurt got better. (I don’t waste yogurt, what goes wrong goes into my bread)

I am back to 43°C/110°F and 9 hours (or longer). I like it sour.