Cheese making


I’ve recently started making cheese and have also had my eye on an Anova sous vied precision cooker for a while - I haven’t bought one yet. One of the requirements of making certain cheeses is to be able to gradually increase the temperature of the water bath surrounding the container in which you curds have developed. You may have to raise the temperature by about ten degrees gradually (ie by about 0.5 degrees centigrade per minute) and I was wondering if this was a function that any of the Anova devices have.



Yup. Not a problem.

This should be something the Anova can do. The only caveat is that it may not achieve these results if the water volume is too large. Run a test before your actual process.

Temperatures can be adjusted in 10ths of a degree .0 to .9

If using the app. If you’re doing it manually they are 0.5 increments.

Thanks…I use about 8L of milk at a time and have a water bath with enough room around the outside to scoop out water and then pour in hot/boiling water raising the temperature gradually.

Does the app allow you to automatically set an increasing temperature profile or do you have manually increase it every minute or so?

Manual increase only to the best of my knowledge.

If you want gradual temp increase you can just dial up the temp directly on the unit while it is running. It will increase to the new temp and stabilize until you’re ready to bump it up again.

You can increase the water bath temperature by 1/2 degree every minute, perhaps, but you will not effect the 7L of milk in any container, I would have thought.

I’m not sure I’m following your meaning @miksnave

Do you mean that each time/minute you raise the temperature it’s going to take more than that minute for the increase in temperature to diffuse through the 7L of milk being heated? If that’s what you’re saying then I am following your meaning, and I agree, though I’m not sure what the best temperature increase timetable might be. If you mean something else could you elaborate?

Sorry to be unclear.
If the milk has to be heated up you are not going to do it with sous vide.
If the water has to be heated, to create an environment for cheese making, then you probably can use sous vide.
Is that what was meant by OP’s question?

Sous vide is good for the process as you can’t overheat the milk.

I’m not sure how exacting the slow increase must be, but any increase in bath (and contents) temperature will not be instant. I fear someone might be over thinking the heating process a little.

Thanks miksnave… to be clearer, I’m not looking to sous vide anything just to raise the temperature of a largeish container of milk steadily using a water bath. I know it will take come time for the heat in the water bath to transfer through to the milk/ curd container but I’d rather have control over it and take longer rather than heat too high or fast

My fear was that you would not be able to heat up that amount of milk in 10 mins.
If you leave it for longer, that’s fine, you will have control. :slight_smile: