Change the App to add a wait period.

When I set the time and temp, the APC Pro starts heating up until it reaches the input temperature. The problem is the time starts immediately without giving the user a chance to load the meat into the container. I have to stop and restart the APC Pro and that is a problem. Why can’t someone set a delay time or allow change the START button to HEAT button and allow the machine to maintain temperature while the time is not activated until the another button actually start the cooking time???
It would probably be handy for a good many users.
Thank you!

Due to fridges being cold (ditto freezers) I tend to counter the temp drop by adding as it is ramping up towards target (the last 5c generally)

For frozen in need of defrost the cool running water circ does well.
No problems doing things this way as needed, many items are going to have a hang time at the end of a cook anyway, so no biggie.

or let it hang it’s not like it shuts down at the end of a timer, so no idea why a pause is needed, easy as hell to add 2 minutes via alexa / siri, phone timer, clockwork etc…

App needs work FO SURE, no alarms, target temps/range etc. My $30 BBQ probe unit app / timer has this so #wtf guys #gyst Using the APC, just bought btw, expected more from a high end unit targeting professional chefs