@ChatNoir: Follow up about how fast meat cooks

@chatnoir, in another thread, you said: “Remember inches? Then it’s easy to remember as a general rule that heat diffuses through flat cuts of meat at 1 inch per hour.”

This brings up a new question: My daughter gets married in the fall, and we are throwing a night-before BBQ for 30-ish people. I have large all-beef hotdogs on the menu, but the star is going to be something my daughter calls “Mondo Dad-Burgers.”

Thing is, they tend to take more time at lower temperatures, so, cooking 30-40 of them could take a lot of time – not to mention prep time, when I’m supposed to be hosting. I am considering taking advantage of my APO to cook them ahead of time, vacuum seal and freeze them, and them defrost them and put them on a hot BBQ for some char and colour.

Before I do this, of course, I’m going to test this idea. Given I can’t guarantee 100% ground chuck from the grocery store, and with the tradition in Canada being “cooked through” with burgers anyway, I plan to cook them at 160 in the APO. They are typically about 3/4" thick, so, by your suggestion, 45 minutes should be enough, yes?

Any thoughts or suggestions are most welcome.


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