Chef steps classes?

Anyone ever take one? Specifically the beyond the basics SV one that cost $20? Worth it?

The basic SV is free.

I’ve gone through them all, and they are very worth it, lots of good info. I bought the Beyond the Basics over thanksgiving weekend, they sent me an email coupon that made the class only $9. At $20, I still think you’d get your money’s worth.

I got them and they’re good with a caveat: if you already own Modernist Cuisine at Home the class is almost entirely redundant. I have the MCAH app and was disappointed to find that the content in the Chef Steps class was essentially the same and in most cases even used the same headings etc…

The Beyond the Basics Chef Steps class is again on sale for $9.00 thru Jan 9th…Actually 50% off all their classes thru Jan 9th…

Thanks @saluki‌

I just signed up for $9. I’m sure it’ll be very useful.