Exploring Sous Vide Lessons

I have Just completed the email course offered by Jason Logsdon and it is invaluable, everything is covered and I fell much more confident using the Anova Precision Cooker. Worth having a look. The course is free and has 24 topics I have saved for future reference


Jason is very knowledgeable and creates superior presentations. Do well.

Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

And where would I find that information?


Sorry George
forgot the contact
Following is the last email info I received I think if you try just www.amazingfoodmadeeasy.com click the green button ‘get started’; should get you to registration
Kind regards


I couldn’t agree with you more, AJS. The course was phenomenal!

Thanks @AJS!

I’ve not yet looked at it but I really appreciate your sharing this info! (Especially now that you’ve provided that link! :smile: )

No, it is not free. You paid for it by handing out details that will be used to market at you and will be sold to third parties. You can verify this by reading the privacy policy.

You’re right Michi. Of course like all things it’s up to the purchasing individual whether the “price” is worthwhile. :slight_smile: I think name and an email account were the “price” in this case. Not quite “free”, but pretty close imo!

Whether you choose to sign or or not is entirely up to you, of course. But, don’t forget: they get more out of it than you do. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be “free”.

I think what they shoot for is more site exposure, the product placement that will increase chance of a sale to those that sign up for the course, etc. They do profit, but they don’t “take away” anything more from the consumer than the consumer is interested in providing. They might get loads more “gain” from the transaction, but it’s not for much “cost” on the consumer side!

Not arguing really; your statements are correct. I just see this as one of those instances where both sides gain more than they “expend”! :slight_smile:

Not free… It cost $49

Pleas stop the waffle on
I did a free email course with Jason Logsdon
It has cost me nothing
I have learned a lot and grateful for it

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I did the coarse and it was free

And I’m was a newbe 3 year ago to sous vide and been tried 4 yrs and started cooking in 1966 heard about the French working on this idea in the 60’s but I was not exposed to it.