He's Done It Again!

J. Kenji Lopez-Alt of Serious Eats fame that is, - and he has a new weekly newsletter called, “The Circulator”, that’s all about sous vide cooking. The first edition arrived in my email today and ought to be available to kenji’s subscribers at www.seriouseats.com.

Anyone just beginning their adventure in sous vide cooking should avail themselves of his “SousVide Cooking 101” at the site. It has everything you need to know to enjoy a successful start with your Anova PC.

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Oh wow thank you for sharing this! Can you also drop a link for this here?

I can’t grab the link from his site yet.

Copy his name, paste it and subscribe

Copy his name, paste it . it will take you to his site then you can subscribe

Might do better from Kenji’s own site.

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