Condensation Build Up Inside Door

Last night we used the Anova precision oven to cook the shrimp boil recipe as seen on the website. It was quite amazing but this morning I woke up to notice that there was significant amount of condensation inside the door on the glass surface. Why is this occurring?

A leaky door seal is likely allowing water vapour to penetrate the door and condense inside on the cool glass. That appears to be a substantial amount of water in there.
Can you see where it might be entering the door?

Is the steam vent open during operation?
All the ovens using steam i have used have been vented to the rear of the oven. Would it be possible to attach a tube to the steam vent to redirect the flow? You want to get that water vapour away from the lower corner of the door.

Other users have reported your observation here too. I haven’t seen any posts concerning a resolution of the problem.

I suggest contacting SUPPORT to remedy your problem. All you will get here is sympathy.