Connect to Unsecured WiFi Network

I just setup my second Precision Cooker after returning my first a couple months ago (long story). I deleted and re-downloaded the app to get it to go through the setup process, and when I got to the WiFi setup, I got stuck. The app was requiring me to enter my WiFi password, but I don’t have my network secured (I live in a rural area on 5+ acres and don’t have any neighbors to worry about in range). I don’t recall running into this problem when I set up my first cooker in November '17. Perhaps an update to the app has changed the setup process? Does anyone know a way around having to enter a WiFi password?

Thanks in advance!


Create a guest network in your WAP and assign it a password. No special characters, 19 characters or less. 2.4GHz band.
Make sure you phone is connected to that network when you do the initial setup.

That’s a good potential work-around,. But sad that, apparently, no programmer ever considered use of unsecured wifi network…

Well, in this age of IoT, I think everyone needs to be getting a lot more security conscious.

Here’s a fun example. There’s no neighbours anywhere nearby, but one of your friends was over with her teenaged kids the other day. One of them is a little technically proficient…managed to hack into your WAP and reset the admin credentials (of which you’re completely unaware). They hear you going on about how you can control your APC from anywhere as it’s networked, so they decide to have some fun with you.

They tunnel (SSH) into your router from their home, then into the APC…they’ve gotten enough of the SDK info from GitHub that they have enough information to be dangerous. Next time you kick off a cook, they turn the APC off shortly after you leave the house…then turn it back on a few hours before you get home.

Everyone loves a good prank…until it’s food poisoning. :frowning:

Thanks…I’ll take my chances.

I enabled a guest network with password last night and the cooker still wouldn’t connect. I agree that it’s sad that an unsecured network was not considered…and confused as to how it was able to make my old cooker work without a password. Anova’s technical help suggested that, back in November, I was one of a few “rare” cases where it would connect without a password.

Heh. It’s really just in rural areas that you’ll see this. Your neighbours need to be more that 200-300’ away to keep them off of your wifi in many cases.