connectivity solve to android device

Hi folks, I was having problems connecting my (huawei p30) android app to the oven, in order to connect the oven to the wifi. I went through a long list of troubleshooting, including some hints and tips from the online tech team… none of which worked.

I tried different wifi settings, different hotspots, moving routers closer, renaming wifi, removing an antisurge power extension (tech support said that could be an issue…?), restarting/force closing/reinstalling/rebooting both the device and the oven several times, tried different device (chromebook) to connect. tried two different versions of andorid (10 & 11) nothing worked. I had almost given up.

Later on, tried with an old iphone we had. it connected immediately, on the very first try. then I used the “add user” QR code to connect my current android phone. and that worked straight away.

Must be an issue with the initial android/huawei connectivity. seems to be working now though, and the oven updated itself once connected to the wifi.