Precision Oven WiFi and app connection problem

Just received my Precision Oven today. So excited but then… Tried connecting the app with it.

  1. Pressed WiFi icon 6 seconds. 4 digit code showed up
  2. Clicked “Connect Oven” in app. Entered the 4 digit code
  3. App showed “Connect to device dialog”. I selected “Connect”
  4. App flashed “connecting to device…”
  5. App flashed “connection successful”
  6. App waited for like 30 seconds and then back to that “enter code” screen with a “retry” button!

I have tried this like 10 times and it’s the same. Even did a WiFi+Power button 8 second hack from some of these posts. Oven screen does go into all-segment-on and then back to normal, so I suppose it has reset itself.

What can be the cause of all these?

Thanks an advance in helping out! So looking forward to start using it this weekend…


Solved with an older phone (was using Samsung Galaxy S20+ on Android 11). Procedure works with Galaxy s9+ on Android 10.