Oven: Connect oven to app

I have AT&T Fiber internet and associated Modem/Router. I am sure AT&T is the issue since I have another device that basically has its own internal “network service” that I connect to first, and then, using my phone, connect it to my actual internet service (AT&T). That device encounters the same issue as the Oven; Unable to connect. The phone is able to connect to the Oven but the rest of the process fails with “Could not connect at this time” and offers a “Try Again” button. If I switch my phone to be a HotSpot and use that to connect the Oven, it works as expected. This is not a sustainable solution, and it requires a new setup each time the oven is used with the app. Anyone else have AT&T and having issue?

FYI - I think the oven (original firmware of the oven at least) tries to connect with original WPA - not WPA2 or WPA3 - which is never gonna happen with our usual router, but I was able to connect the oven to another router that supports old WPA.

Update: someone else reported that they were able to make it work with a WPA2 router- but one Android phone didn’t work and they had to use another. So YMMV I guess.

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This was enabled before I tried the Anova setup.
I will see if I can enable the “original” WPA auth.

  • I was able to update firmware to latest version while connected via hotspot.

It seems kind of odd/illogical that I need to degrade the security of my network to use an oven. WPA was replaced by WPA-2 practically 15 years ago.

Yeah. I may have been wrong, not sure - might just be original firmware quirk, who knows - need larger sample size

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@mach, I saw the thread mentioning someone only being able to connect to one of multiple phones. They also had trouble with account creation. I believe this is a work in progress and as such is pretty temperamental. These are the kinks that will have to be smoothed out. That’s the price one pays to be a “first” adopter I guess

Yup! We are happily using our new oven, no biggie… now that it’s on the network, the oven app works fine on all the phones :slight_smile: