Constant Beeping

Using my Anova V2 for the first time. Is the unit supposed to constantly beep while cooking? It beeps 3 times every 15-30 seconds. Beeping started from the get go. Water level is not low. Please advise.

Dumb question here. Was I to pre heat the water to the what I want the meat to be at? I preheated to 132 degrees then placed the meat in the water. Was I to put the tri tip in with tap water and let it come to the 132? If so, is the Anova V2 beeping to let me know the meat is done? Sorry for this dumb question. I am new at this. First time ever making anything sous vide.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Candice, so sorry to hear this! What temperature was your device set to? At higher temperatures, the steam can affect the unit and cause it to react this way. You also may want to try unplugging the unit, then plugging it back in to restart it and see if that helps. If you could post a video, that might help us pinpoint the issue a bit better.

To your second part - not a dumb question at all! You do not need to preheat the water, the unit will heat it to the set temperature on its own. However, if you do want to give the device a head start and get it up to temp faster, warm tap water can be used. Once you’ve heated the water to the selected temperature, you will then place the food in. The device will beep three times once the water has reached the desired temperature, indicating that the food may now be added to the pot.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions and I’d be more than happy to help!

I just opened the box today and tried to use it for the first time. The water temp does not increase and when i use water close to target temp the machine will run for maybe 3-5 seconds and stop. That’s when the three successive beeps starts. I’ve double checked water level and it’s closer to max than min.
Any ideas?

Hmm. Usually those three beeps just indicated when the cooker has started. But it seems like in your case, it’s doing this when it has stopped. I suggest reaching out to support, they’ll take care of that for you.