Continuous High Pitch Sound

As with many other customers, I have a continuous high pitch sound.

I just received the anova as a present and bought a $20, 2 inch steak.

The water is between the min and max mark. Nothing but a high pitch.

Any suggestions?

Very disappointed so far…

Contact support. There is something not right.

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Thanks Ember

I contacted support and they referred me to this site

Having read that and many other web pages trying to resolve the issue they gave me the link to return it.

It was a gift through Amazon so I returned it for Amazon credit. I will not buy another Anova after reading all the other people that had the same problem and that it can be caused by steam.

It’s a shame as they are on the cusp of having a good product.

I’d guess poor senior management

Hey, what was your customer support ticket #? @wggiroir

I never received a support ticket number. I contacted support through the online chat

Ooh okay. Can you please reach out to We’ll look into other options with helping you with your cooker.

I am having the same issue with a brand new unit. Support just sent me some copy/pasted docs that had nothing to do with my issue and closed the ticket.

Please help. Support Ticket #469661

Oof I am really sorry about that. I see what you mean and that’s not a good response. I’ve alerted our customer success manager and we’ll appropriately follow up with the issue you’re experiencing.

My ticket is 470409

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Thanks! We’ll have someone follow up with you. :slight_smile:

Thank you for reaching out to assist but the email support gave me the same links I had previously received in chat. I have since returned the unit through Amazon

Having the same issue. A random high pitched fast paced noise. I just set the temp and timer manually and it’s working fine. Seems to me it’s an issue with the wifi interface…