Controlling multiple APCs

Of wich year? Did I miss something? Frankly, I have been using the APCs only without the app becuase of all the connectivity problems in the last years. I would have given it another try with the multiple APC feature but from what I can see it is not implemted yet. :worried:

Am I the only one who thinks this thread is dead? Really disappointing…

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So here it is 2019… and there is still no solution? So glad I purchased the nano as a second anova! And no… I do not want to use my husband’s phone… how many years more?

Until hell freezes over?

Technically, allowing a single phone to control more than one Anova is trivial. But Anova’s programmers are still trying to get their heads around the concept of a space character in a wifi password. Controlling more than one Anova from a single phone is definitely in the “advanced software engineering challenges” category for them.

Any news on this?

Hi @Arnstein_Larsen

I’m of the opinion that this is a dead feature request. (Please be aware that this is simply my opinion.) While I personally don’t have a need for this functionality I can understand the frustration that others have! Bottom line is that the control software for the Joule appears to be superior to the software produced by Anova.
I find the “on-device” controls on the Anova work for me, but if control of multiple sous vide devices from a single phone/tablet, or using multiple phones/tablets to operate a single sous vide device are capabilities you need then the Joule is the sous vide cooker for you. Anova appears to have given up.

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Not sure if this app can do it. Might try and contact the creator.

Sous-vide remote for ANOVA