Controlling multiple APCs

Is there a way to control and monitor two or more Precision Cookers (BT + WiFi) from the same iPhone? 

If not at present: Are there any plans to include this feature in a software update?

I would like to know this as well. I am thinking about purchasing another APC

It is a pretty basic app so probably not

I have more than one unit and I am unable to control two at the same time via the android phone. Pretty simple programming. Maybe one day each one will have a MAC address that you can access and control separately.

Hi @klip, unfortunately right now there is not a way to control two devices with one phone. But fear not! It is definitely being worked on right now.

The app is currently going through a lot of development, so you should be seeing some awesome changes in the near future :smiley:


So what’s the state on controlling to APC’s from the Android app?

I’m also thinking about buying another one but won’t do so if the app can’t control both of them.

Hey @theo.baumgartner, unfortunately it is the same for the Android app currently, but I have passed on this feedback to the app development team and they are definitely planning on building into the app soon!

Bump. Any progress?

While we wait for a way to control multiple APC with one device I am taking an alternative approach. I use my iPhone to control my WIFI APC and my iPad to control my Bluetooth APC. Works for me for now. This may be an option for many people that have more than one device (or access to more than one in a household).

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Hi all, a quick update, we know people really want this function and are working on implementing it in the future.

+1! I need that feature as well for my 3 anovas!

Hi all, I just bought my second APC because after an interesting conversation with a professional cook I decided I definately need more than one :slight_smile:

So I’m pretty much interested in that feature - don’t want to stress anyone, but I’m really looking forward to that :yum:

Bump. Any updates?

It’s in development to go with the release of the Nano.

Yep, what @Ember said!

So the multiple APC control function will only be available for the Nano or will the “old” APC Gen1 and Gen2 have this functionality available as well? I’m asking about this because I’m thinking about buying another APC Blu+Wifi despite still not having the multiple APC control functionality available.

It will be available for the current model Wifi APC. Not sure about the others.

It looks like the Gen 1 will not support multiple APC, but Nano and Gen 2 will.
Anova has a comparison of all three models on the page linked below under the section “Our Precision Cookers”.

Bump… Just seeing how this is coming along. I would love to cook the side dishes at the same time in a separate vessel. Loving my Anova :heart_eyes:

@Scuba We’re anticipating that we’ll release Multicook functionality in October.