cooker does not maintain set temperature

First time user. When the cooker hit the desired temp, i hit set, put my food in, put the lid on, but the temperature keeps dropping.

why is this happening and will the food be ready as per the recipe after 3 hours?

Prudence, why?
Don’t know, can’t know.

The mean temperature during the cook will determine doneness. I’d say the food will probably not be ready in the absence of more useful information.

SV cooking requires your heightened attention to the details of every cook. You are economical with details. Once you get the habit of conscious attention to detail you will produce superior results.

Consider the following:

  • Is your Anova circulating the water?
  • What is the temperature on the Anova display?
  • What is the cooking water temperature?
  • What food and what is the recipe are you following?

It’s likely time to promptly contact Support, not Community, and reveal all the information possible.

But first, i’d remove the food and rapidly chill it in an ice water bath, then refrigerate. Next, contact Support.

Hmmm. It’s possible that when you drop a piece of cold food into your waterbath, the temperature will drop some. However, it’ll come back up to the desired temperature. Not sure if this is the issue, or something else. But I would highly suggest reaching out to customer support so they can find a resolution for you. They can be reached at