Cooking a Whole Lobster

Has anyone tried to cook a whole lobster or just parts?
What time and temperature do you recommend?

@M_HAND‌ Definitely do not cook the whole lobster without cleaning out the parts - its best to clean the lobster and cook as parts - produces better results. Our resident chef swears by cooking the lobster at 55 degrees for 20 minutes, then finishing with a quick pan fry as the final step ! Enjoy !

I assume you mean 55 degrees centigrade (131 Fahrenheit).
By “cleaning out the parts”, do you mean removing the shell and cooking the bare meat or just cleaning out the tamale and stomach?
I have read elsewhere, that lobster meat isn’t cooked until it reaches 175 degrees F. Is 131 F good enough?

@M_HAND‌ Yes - remove shell, cook bare meat, and do not sous vide the tomalley - usually that is used to make a stock with the shell. 55C is simply what our chef cooks his lobster at to ensure it turns out very juicy - you can certainly cook at a higher temp if that makes you more comfortable.

The latest news is, that the tomalley, being the creature’s liver, contains toxins absorbed from the environment and should not be eaten.