I’m new at this. I want to cook 4 small lobsters. What temp. and how long ?

Try this link from Serious Eats.

I’m afraid I can’t add personal experience to the recommendation as lobster here is somewhat out of my price range.

Cynthia, what’s small?

Lobsters are not built for SV cooking as the sharp shells puncture bags.

I don’t recommend you do this, but if you insist here’s how:
Steam whole lobsters for 3 - 4 minutes and shock-chill.
Remove meat from the shells.
Tail meat gets sealed in one bag, all other meat in other bags.
Guess what all those little legs and a rolling pin have in common?

You want Community to guess how you like your lobster cooked.
If traditionally boiled SV cook at 140F.
If you like a more Japanese-like tender texture, 125F.
Cook according to thickness of tail meat, 20 minutes per inch.
Remove the bags with claws, etc. just past the half-way point

I find it’s best to steam them unless i want to be a show-off.

They are easily toughened by over cooking.
10-minutes for one pounders is enough over constantly boiling water.

Happy cooking.

@chatnoir Your note about timing according to the thickness was very helpful. Where do I find info to calibrate time according to thickness? Thanks

@chatnoir BTW I clipped the sharp points on the lobster tail and did not have any leaks in the bag.

This tends to contain answers for most things: