Cooking Prime hamburger in a pre-sealed package

We have a purveyor of Prime beef that sells one pound packages of Prime beef burgers. The package contains 2 patties both weighing one half pound separated by a piece of paper. Is it possible to cook the entire package Sous Vide and then remove and discard the paper in the middle?

Depends on what the separator sheet is made of.

If it’s wax paper sheets, it will likely turn to pulp from all of the moisture and kill your burgers based on what happened when I just went and dunked a Weston wax paper burger sheet into water, let it sit a minute then moved it around and rubbed it gently. Turned into complete pulp.

Now, if it’s cooking parchment paper, that likely would be fine. There’s an entire style of cooking, known as “En Papillote”, where the food is sealed up in folded bakers parchment paper and allowed to steam in it’s own moisture. It’s pretty durable stuff.

I’ll check it out with the processor…
Thanks for the reply.


If they are that approachable, can you just ask for a custom pack where the burgers are side by side? Maybe explain why and what you want to do, they might go for it.

Otherwise, can they give you a square or two? For the Weston wax paper I tested, I literally just dunked it in the sink and it started falling apart within minutes.

I concur with @acs paper and sous vide do not mix well.

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