Curious, how does your day-to-day food choices/diet looks like?

Personally, I tend to lean towards more of a plant-based diet. So lots of vegetables, some fruits, and pretty much anything I can get my hands on in the produce section of the grocery store. Contrary to popular belief (lol), I actually eat meat, despite all of my vegetarian experiments. However, I’d say I eat it on special occasions.

How about you? Do you stick to a specific sort of diet? What’s usually in your fridge and on your plate?


Hi, I’m a big Meat and Carbs sort of guy though I do like a big fresh salad on hot days.

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I’m a vegetarian - I love Steak! (You are what you eat. Grass = Cow. :slight_smile: )

Actually my day to day food choices vary quite a bit, but lean towards “paleo” eating. Meats and vegetables and salad. My wife is allergic to wheat (all gluten really), corn and all corn products, soy and all soy products, tomatoes, potatoes, avocados, bananas, chestnuts, kiwis, apples, carrots, celery. Melons, Papayas…so yeah…it limits selection when we eat the same thing at mealtime!

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I tend to lean towards eating things that have a plant-based diet.

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I’m follow the Austin Powers’ Fat Bastard diet. Basically I look at food and yell “Get in ma belly”

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I do like that diet! :slight_smile:


I eat a wide variety of foods. I no longer drink milk, try and stay away from processed foods and sugar. In the grocery store I make the big circle around the outside where all the fresh stuff is displayed and rarely venture down the aisles except for frozen vegetables.

I am convinced that for a healthy person portion control and eating a diet that is high in vegetables, nuts, fruits and a little bit of meat is the best.

Economics and Marketing make it hard for a lot of people to eat a healthy diet. Economics; the least expensive foods are often the ones with the most highly processed, most additives and most sugar ingredients. If you are on a budget it is an easy choice to buy this stuff. Also the most highly marketed items are not good for you. Fast food, soda, most cereals; the list goes on and on.

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Keto (down 66lbs since the start of March) :smiley:
I’m wading through my chest freezer at the moment, so there’ll be some roasts, pork tenderloin, smoked chops, rib steaks, quarter chickens…etc…etc.
I try to get a big salad in every day - healthy, dark greens.
Rarely drink my calories - fluids are only water, green tea, electrolyte drink and a bit of coffee (no-where near as much as I used to).
I’ve been fasting (just finished a 6-day last week) and doing OMAD (one meal a day) to get as much autophagy as I can.
And haven’t had a beer since before new years. sigh Had a couple glasses of Pinot Noir since, but nothing since starting Keto at the start of March.
I also make sure I have a good helping of veg with my meal (typically broccoli, brussels sprouts, green beans or cauliflower).

Keto - you’re trying to keep your net carbs under 20g per day.

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I’ve often heard that said, but I’m not convinced it’s actually true. I think people tend toward processed foods primarily because they require less effort to buy and cook than rounding up and preparing ingredients individually. A couple years ago there was a story going around on-line about someone claiming that one couldn’t eat decent food on the $n/month that individuals were receiving on SNAP benefits (aka, “food stamps”). As an exercise, quite a few people (including myself) did some research on the prices of fresh/frozen produce, meat, etc that were commonly available in grocery stores. What we found was that, not even taking things like coupons into account, if one put in a little bit of shopping effort it was in fact not at all difficult to buy the raw materials necessary for a varied, healthy and tasty diet…all well within the constraints of a public assistance-based budget. It does require some planning (like reading weekly grocery ads, taking advantage of sales, etc) and effort actually doing some basic cooking.

And in fact, where people seemed to be blowing through that money was when buying convenience-packaged, processed and “junk” food (boxed meals, chips, soda, etc), which are actually more expensive on a per-weight and per-nutritional-content basis.

I agree with you and you notice all the Junk is also down the aisles.

Like you say it is possible to buy good food and eat healthy on a budget, however, it takes some work and knowledge. It is also easier to buy healthy if you go shopping every day or two and eat fresh items.

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I was on the keto diet. It is a diet that worked for me (down three belt sizes), but it’s a highly restrictive diet, and i recommends everyone do extensive research into it before making a decision. I would focus on plant based fats, lean meats (except bacon) makes sure i for enough fiber (chia, cruciferous vegetables, leafy greens, etc). I’m slowly getting back into a normal western diet, but I’ll be continuing to focus more on fibrous vegetables, and avoid carbohydrate rich options: especially simple carbs.

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I’d say our food choices are pretty similar. However, I do go into the inner aisle for foods like oatmeal, beans, and rice.

I’ve heard really positive things about keto. I tried it once (for a very short time), but I just couldn’t succeed at it. I’m more of a carbs person (potatoes, oats, rice, etc), so I just eat a better version of what my body wants. Thankfully, I like eating plants. :cactus:

Be careful. The feeling is sometimes mutual.

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I hear you. I’ve never been one to push my dietary choices on anyone else. That’s just something I’ve found works for me. I take personal issue with folks who insist yippy have to bbw on this diet or that diet; or too be I a certain diet you must do it exactly as I do. Now that I’m off it, though i will have done bread ore what nor from time to time, i ensure that i have less than 5 servings per week. As i said, it’s something that worked for me, but there is no way i could keep it as a regular thing (there are some folks who have been on it for more than a year [shudders] ).

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I’m scared of paleo because cavemen only lived to be about 40. However, they might have gotton eaten by velocoraptors or killed in a barbeque accident. I only use milk for cooking now and have noticed I don’t have much of a sweet-tooth. I tend towards a more vinegary barbeque sauce rather than a sweet baby ray’s type. Vegetables taste better than ever. Beef ranks below chix, pork and fish. Good question Alyssa!:stuck_out_tongue:

Good summary of keto diet here:

What is a ketogenic diet?

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Keeping this short so we don’t derail this topic.
Sorry, that’s a truly awful article! There’s a lot of false information in there.
The medical community is pretty divided on Keto at the moment (well, for the physicians that actually make the effort to stay current that is).

People could learn a lot from:
The 2 Keto Dudes podcasts: (very entertaining as well)
The Ketogenic forums:

There’s many other sites - I like how the “dudes” bring a lot of different speakers on to bring new information.

I partake in a see food diet. I see food. I eat food.

I try to make it as varied as possible.


I’m not a dietician, so I can’t comment on the details of that article. All I know is that, generally, Choice is considered a publication that is well researched. They may not have the whole truth, but I’m pretty sure that they aren’t completely off-planet either.

Regardless, everyone is free to eat whatever they like. No argument there!