I Wanna Know About The Nerds

Hey NERDS! I wanna learn a little a bit about everyone here. And I think it’ll be cool if everyone learned a little bit about me, too.

So I will add 3 interesting facts about me!

  • Grew up in sunny Florida

  • I love pork more than any other kinds of meat

  • I love to cook, but I am also a lazy cook. My motto: recipes shouldn’t have more than 5 steps.

Add your facts to the thread by hitting the “reply” button. You’re welcome to participate - even if you’re a professional Anova community lurker and haven’t spoken yet. :wink:

Had a paid cooking job in 1957. It let me know that while I loved cooking, I didn’t want to be a cook.

I like to shop the discontinued carts and look for money off at register tags to decide what to cook.

I got my Anova in June 2015.

I have two dogs.

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I have 2 Anovas one is their first release and the second one is the first release of the latest offering. So no apps or wi-fi for me. I enjoy cooking and also enjoy smoking food outdoors. Pork shoulder, ribs and brisket are my favorites. I grew up near Seattle and have moved around the country after college.

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Interesting! I’ve always loved to cook and I am food blogger too, but I think I can understand not wanting to be professional cook.

Btw what are dicontinued carts?

With the two Anovas that you have, is there one you prefer over the other???

Lots of stores put items that they have cleared from the shelf and will not re-order. They are jumbled together and may be near one of the back doors. Lots of junk, but sometimes a treasure. I once got some caviar that way, not GREAT caviar, but caviar nonetheless. All are sharply discounted to get them out of the store.

@RichardOL ohh okay I gotta look into that. I’m always on the hunt for a good bargain

Not really; if I recall correctly the original one has a little more heating power but I can’t notice the difference. I like being able to do vegetables and meat at the same time.

What I do miss is the ability to monitor long cooks via WI-fi. Never saw much use for Bluetooth as it is range limited.

Living near Chicago we have a great number of ethnic communities along with stores that sell imported items. We also have local butcher shops tucked away in parts of the city and suburbs. You can get great sausages made fresh using original recipes. Way better than the mass produced stuff in the chain markets.

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Hi guys.

I’m a long-term tech-head and food-nut living in Hamilton, in country Victoria, Australia.

I’ve always been interested in traditional skills so I spent many, many years baking my own bread and brewing my own beer when I was living in Melbourne. Funny that now I’m out in the country I don’t do either much anymore. I simply don’t have room in the tiny cottage I live in. Boy do I miss having a big kitchen.

A few of years ago I was given a smoker cabinet for Christmas. That led me to making my own bacon… which led me to playing around with making my own charcuterie… which, oddly perhaps, led me here. I know, that thread of causality probably doesn’t make much sense to others, but think of it as the quest for the perfect ham or pastrami or ribs or confit.


I’m with you on the run-out and near end of date bargains. My first taste of truffle came from one of those instances. I was in a Gourmet and Gifts store, poking around on a bargain table after Christmas. There was a very little jar with a wizened black thing rattling around in it. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t the most appealing jar I’ve ever picked up. The contents looked rather like a petrified gonad, but the label had the magic word ‘Truffle’ on it. So I took that strange little jar up to the sales counter together with my apple balsamic and squid ink packets. The next Sunday morning I had the best scrambled egg breakfast I’ve ever tasted.

I’ve told my partner I’d like a truffle for my 50th birthday. I thought I’d better give him plenty of time to save. :wink:

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I learned to love cooking as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Uganda during the late '90s.

I bought my APC almost a year ago and have loved every cook I’ve done. The 48 hour short ribs are still my favorite.

I own 3 smokers, a pellet, a stick burner, and a vertical. Love them all but need work on the stick burner.

Thanks Anova

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Wow really cool that you used to make your own bread and beer. I’ve always wanted to learn how to make bread but I already have an unhealthy relationship with it haha.

Nice, thanks for sharing! There’s still lots of things I wanna make and ribs are definitely one of them