Current Temp and SET Point get confused

Has anyone seen this with their V2?

I have it set at 146 (as you know the temp settings is in 0.5 degree increments). Somehow my SET showed a 163.9 set point which was the current temperature the unit was at.

I’ve only caught it do this once, but I’m guessing a firmware bug. It may be related to enabling the timer which also swaps the temp readout between F and C regardless of if you want it to do so.

Well I realized the wheel does .5 increments but the app probably will have potentially .1 increments. Still an oddball thing to run into considering I don’t have the app yet.

Yes, I have seen this on both of the units I have tried so far (one still remaining in the tube – anyone want to switch their red one for a white one?). I do play with the timer, and you’re right, I think that is generally when it seems to be getting confuzzled.

I wonder if there will be a way for users to flash their firmware via their smartphones to fix bugs?