Custom Recipes

I am new to Anova but I have been cooking sous vide at home for three plus years. 

I would like the ability to add my own recipes with the ability to set time and temp respectively. While the included recipes are interesting often I just want to bring up my choice. For example, Steak Rare: 123f 55 min. Chicken Leg: 165f 75 min. Simple and not a lot of steps or choices.

As others have noted the Android scroll interface for temp and time selection is painful. Raw salmon(103f) one night to chicken leg (165f) will try my patience.


Since the timer function doesn’t do anything special, it’s just a basic timer, and not even a very good one at that, I don’t even bother with the app and just use the dial on the front of the unit to set the temp.  My timing is done by a ThermoWorks time stick / time stick pro, but I know many people who use the timers on their cell phones with great succuess (not the Anova in app timer, just a basic timer app).

@SteveK there is a manual control in the app that will allow you to set the time and temperature without having to use a recipe. Are you using the Bluetooth or WI-FI system? And are you on Android or iOS?

Understood but the scrolling on Android is less than ideal.  To go from a 110F squid recipe to a 165f chicken leg is a lot of scrolling. Faster to just manually scroll on the machine.

My comment is more for future development of the app as I use temperatures from multiple sources.  Not having to pull out and open a book to find the temp is my real interest in a custom recipe capability.

Many of the time/temp I know off the top of my head but for things like squid, escargot and others I have to crack the book.     

This. I would also very much like the ability to use the existing recipes in the app, but modify the timing. 

One of our big motivations for moving to sous-vide cooking is that my husband is immuno-suppressed after a kidney transplant. Using conventional cooking, all steaks need to be well done, and eggs hard boiled - for example. Sous-vide allows longer cooking times at the lower temperatures to safely pasteurize the food, without significantly changing its state. Hooray for medium rare steaks and decadent gooey egg yolks back on the menu. 

But this means that while I’m keen to try the recipes included, I need to modify the cook time based on safe pasteurization timings at that temperature (and thickness). 

I like the idea of expanding the built-in recipe library and allowing users to customize recipes but I don’t see much value in the select/touch to start function. I’d just like to reference the recipes and start manually.

What I WOULD like is to have the user community have an iOS (and Google Play) app with the Anova library (updated often) and the ability to modify existing recipes, and rename them, as well as add/share recipes via an import function from email photos attachments and sources like Twitter. A cool cocktail app with this functionality is HIGHBALL (on iTunes by Studio Neat). Someone should take inspiration and get coding…

And on the current app, it would be great if we could PRINT recipe instructions. Also a text error in the step 5 directions of all the steak recipes should be fixed. It currently reads, “… not to block the intake our output sections”. Of course it should read, “… not to block the intake OR output sections”. Actually rephrased to “not to block the intake or exit slots” might be even better.