De-crystalize honey with sous vide!

We buy large plastic bottles of honey at Costco. We never seem to use it very fast, so it ends up becoming a solid honey block inside the bottle. We’ve tried the microwave and a pot of water on the stove, but invariably this leads to the bottle getting very deformed, and the honey liquefying only slightly. Anova to the rescue! I set it for 128 degrees, and floated the bottle in the pot. Within a half hour it was well under way. I left it for 3 hours, and the honey was like new.


That’s so cool! Great thinking

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Nice! This should work well for maple syrup as well (tends to crystallize at the bottom of the jar / bottle over time).


My husband keeps bees. Our personal stash was developing crystals. I put one 2 lb jar and one 1 lb jar (glass jars) in with the kids loosened slightly and set the Anova to 105. After a few hours the largest clumps of crystals were smaller but it wasn’t making much progress. We changed it 110 and went to bed. In the morning it was perfect. I liked being able to use a low enough temperature to not cook the honey or change the flavor. Theoretically that temp should not denature the natural enzymes.

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You can also put honey into the microwave at low power. That’ll get crystallised honey liquid again in a few minutes.

@Targator thank you for posting this! My wife will be especially pleased. She has always been concerned about heating crystallized honey “too hot” - and she wouldn’t even consider use of the microwave to heat it! 110 degrees - excellent!

Real cool this can be done. Should i be concerned with harmful fumes if heating the honey at a very low temperature like 110?

Harmful fumes from what?

That is way too hot for honey. It will destroy some of the beneficial enzymes in the honey. Use a temperature between 95° and 110°. I personally use the lowest temperature that will accomplish the job. Leave it in the bath for about an hour. And check it. As soon as all the crystals are gone, turn off the SV and let the honey cool in the water bath as the water cools. Good as new!